Dominik reaping the referral rewards

Tuesday October 18, 2016

My Circle Golf user Dominik Nilsson is celebrating his new found ambassador status.

Courtesy of inviting 10 new golfers along to My Circle Golf, a branded cap plus a £40 American Golf voucher are on their way to Dominik.

Not content with winning the long drive contest we staged in September at Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range, Dominik was keen to spread the My Circle word far and wide.

Thanks Dominik for your efforts!

You too could follow in Dominik’s footsteps and become a My Circle Golf ambassador in the near future. Simply go to the ‘Rewards’ tab inside the app and invite golfers you know. Full details of the rewards on offer can be found on our website in the referral scheme info.

People you invite should have or have had a handicap (whether it’s online or official) in the recent past (so don’t invite a bunch of random people!), after all we are a golf community.

We have some special plans in store for our ambassadors – trust us, it’ll be worth putting in the effort to become one!

You refer, we’ll reward. See you on the course soon.

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