Dan Gibbs- Tp5 August Playoff winner!

Congratulations Dan Gibbs on winning the August TP5 playoff.

Saturday was the playoff for the winners of the TP5 August competition, who battled out at Hoebridge Golf Centre to win a box of TP5 balls. The quality of golf from all six players involved was fantastic with ambassadors Mark and Dan coming on top with 32 points. However, there could only be one winner which was decided with a playoff on the putting green where Dan came out on top winning himself a box of TP5 balls.

Congratulations to all six players who qualified for the TP5 August playoff by accepting and organising rounds in the My Circle Golf app.

If you want to be a part of our September playoff then get accepting and organising rounds today.

Look out for the updated leaderboard for the September competition, which will be frequently posted in the ‘News’ section of the app!

Full details of the September TP5 competition can be found here.

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