David gets the better of Top Golf

Congratulations David who won event 4 of our Autumn/Winter series at Top Golf Surrey.

Our community members were treated with something different for our fourth event of the series, but like any other event there could only be one winner. David Minshull finished on top winning himself 2 sleeves of Vice balls, with Chirag Patel finishing a close second and in return receiving a sleeve of Vice balls. All participants enjoyed the playing format offered by Top Golf, hitting targets on the range while getting warmed by drinks and food.

Vice Golf has now become the official sponsor of the Autumn/Winter series offering great prizes. More details to come later in the week, so keep an eye out in the ‘News’ section of the app.

This was our last event before Christmas, but don’t forget you can organise your own events that count towards the series today. So, check out our ambassador page or get in touch and these points will also go towards our Golfmas competition!

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