Refer and be rewarded today!

The offer

  • The offer is you will receive a reward on the basis of how many successful referrals you make through the invite process.
  • A successful referral is defined as another person, not already having downloaded the My Circle Golf application and set up a personal profile, downloading the app via the links provided in the email from their referrer, and subsequently setting up their own unique user profile using the same email they have been invited by the referrer.
  • The invite process is defined as the referrer utilising the ‘invite’ function within the app to invite another person. The invite function will auto populate an email for the referrer to send to as many people as they wish.

The timeframe

  • The timeframe for the referral scheme is indefinite. My Circle Golf Ltd reserves the right to discontinue the scheme at any stage deemed appropriate.
  • The referrer can redeem their reward at any point during the scheme but may only do so once in line with the reward for the amount of successful referrals they have made at the point of redemption.


  • The referral scheme rewards are defined as the following. Rewards will only be issued to the referrer:-
    • 1 successful referral = 20% off the next My Circle Golf community event
    • 3 successful referrals = £10 American Golf voucher
    • 6 successful referrals = £20 American Golf voucher
    • 10 successful referrals = £40 American Golf voucher + a My Circle Golf cap
    • 20 successful referrals = £80 American Golf voucher + a My Circle Golf polo
  • Rewards will be issued within 2 weeks of redemption by the referrer. For those having achieved 10 or 20 successful referrals My Circle Golf Ltd will endeavour to send either the cap or polo shirt (as applicable) within 2 weeks though the referrer should be aware in some cases this may take longer.
  • There is no limit to the amount of people the referrer can invite to the application, however they should be aware rewards will only be issued to the amount of referrals as outlined.
  • Rewards cannot be redeemed for a cash equivalent and are non-transferable.
  • Up to 20% off the next event is capped at a cash equivalent of £3 off the advertised event price.
  • You must be a resident in the UK to redeem the rewards.


  • If the person you refer has already been successfully referred by another eligible My Circle Golf app user this will not count towards your reward eligibility.
  • We reserve the right to claim back the contributing number to the rewards of the referrer if the recommended person deletes the My Circle Golf application within 7 days of download.

Ambassador status

  • Referrers who successfully refer 10 or more persons to My Circle Golf will automatically achieve ambassador status.
  • Ambassadors will be eligible for special privileges in accordance with the application, events and in future promotions. My Circle Golf will inform ambassadors of the advantages of their status at regular intervals.

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