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PGA Show picks

Recently we made the 4,000-mile trip over to Orlando, home of the 2017 PGA Show – where manufacturers of equipment, apparel, accessories plus a whole host of weird and wonderful contraptions gather to show off their wares for the coming year.

Picking through the hundreds (if not thousands!) of products on display would be nigh on impossible – so we’ve selected a few of our favourites and ones we think you’ll like. So here goes….

The budget pick

The Orange Whip – amongst the backdrop of the glitz and colour of the show, this stood out as a cost-effective solution to getting some worthwhile practice without even needing to leave the house.

The Orange Whip is a club with, you guessed it, an orange-like attachment acting as the club head. Swinging the club at various speeds allows the player to deploy his or her big muscles to maximum effect in the swing, grooving in tempo and balance for when you transfer to an actual golf club.

All levels of ability can benefit from use of the Orange Whip, and it’s something you can use for just 5-10 minutes at a time. Crucially, if you have the space, it can be swung indoors – so it’s great for practising your motion in the colder months.

For more take a look at the Orange Whip website.

The eye-catcher

Ball manufacturer Volvik made waves at the start of the year signing big-hitting lefty Bubba Watson. Now they have just released a brand new matte-finish ball aimed at those with higher swing speeds (100mph+).

We took a close look of the new premium offering and found they offered a real sense of style and flair. Often when it comes to coloured golf balls they can look quite gimmicky – which can override any perception of what the performance might be like. But we think the matte finish could be to people’s liking. With Bubba on the books too, expect the coloured golf balls to come to the fore (no pun intended!) in 2017.

The one to watch

Edel Golf is the brainchild of former tour player David Edel. It’s range of clubs, particularly putters, caught our eye, along with the company philosophy which solely focuses on the quality and effectiveness of its offering.

Even the range of caps and accessories were some of the most stylish on display at the show. Look out for the single length irons they’ve just released too. David Edel was one of the pioneers of the single length philosophy, even working with a young Bryson Dechambeau before his move to Cobra.

A fierce commitment to custom fitting was something that clearly set the company apart (they have personally trained the retailers they work with to ensure pros can offer the level of one-to-one service they expect) – and for this reason the products are not widely available. There are however a select number of trusted sellers across the UK & Europe.

The money is no object pick

Simulators were a big thing at the PGA Show this year, and gave a flavour for how golf might well be adapting to tap into new audiences.

Foresight Sports offered up an innovative new zombie game, where players attempt to take down zombies by hitting a golf ball in their direction (think of those days on the driving range where you tried to hit the truck collecting balls – we’ve all been there).

It wasn’t just moving targets though…another simulator offered up several games, including darts, where you simply hit the ball at a big dartboard!

Other simulators were more geared towards stats crunching, allowing players to view a detailed breakdown of their spin rates, swing and ball speed plus much more, providing all the answers the questions your action poses. Our pick was the simulator on offer from GolfZon – who brought along a widescreen curved offering which, when you see it, you instantly imagine a space for in your house – whatever the cost!

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