Ollie puts in a royal performance

It was a close run affair at Hampton Court Palace over the weekend…

Ollie Yates cast aside almost sub-zero temperatures to post an impressive 38 points, winning by 3.

Flurries of snow greeted the hardy group on arrival to Hampton Court Palace, and though there was some trepidation in the air when boarding the first tee, only 7 stableford points separated the competitors – all of which were more than respectable returns on a tough day.

Peter Carter-Brown took second place with 35, with newcomers Jeremy and Mark close behind.

Hopefully that’s the worse we’ve seen of winter, and can look forward to the next event (North Middlesex GC on Saturday 25 February) where it’ll be a little warmer for all involved as the golf season proper is in sight.

Congrats once again to Ollie, and hope to see you at North Middlesex in a couple of weeks!

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