The do’s and don’ts of a corporate golf day

Each year many of us are fortunate enough to be invited along to a corporate golf day or two. If you’re lucky you’ll be hosted by a company at a prestigious venue where you’ll be plied with free gifts, food and drinks for the duration of the day. Who would turn that down?!

But…..and here’s the problem, people don’t want to turn it down. Even if they’re not a regular golfer, even if their clubs have been in the back of the garage gathering cobwebs, or the only balls they have are some ultra soft balatas from 1991.

We understand the opportunity is too good to turn down. So if you are in the minority and really want to attend but have a backswing like a rusty gate here’s some tips that’ll help you survive and thrive on the day:-


Get a lesson 

No one’s a perfect golfer, but you are definitely not. Even when you watch golfers on the TV and think it’s easy – it’s not. You’re going to be nervous. People will be watching you on the first tee sizing up the competition. Your playing partners are going to be annoyed if you’re hacking it up every fairway. So get yourself a lesson – tell the pro you want some quick fixes so you hit the ball somewhere near straight and go to the day with at least some sense of confidence and reassurance.

Play your game down

Take the pressure off yourself. Tell your playing partners you don’t know where the ball is going to go you’re that much out of practice. If it’s true then hey, sometimes that happens if not, then you’ve lured them into a false sense of security and they’ll be too busy annoyed and muttering ‘bandit’ under their breath to be able to post a decent score themselves.

Respect the course!

Corporate days are rarely played at your local municipal course. This is some high end venue. So don’t go taking divots the size of a football pitch! Keep your head, respect the course and swing it easy.


Use the free balls they gave you

Schoolboy error. Not only are other people going to use them which results in an inevitable case of mistaken ball, they’re actually going to be some high end premium balls. So don’t tee one of them up on the first. At least wait 6 or 7 holes until you have found some sense of rhythm and timing. Otherwise you’ll be ruing the lost Titleist’s and reverting to something older, harder and muddier.

Lie about your handicap!

If you do you’re going to end up too high or too low and nothing in between. If you don’t have an official handicap then play a couple of rounds before the day itself, mark a card and average out the scores to find an indicative handicap. Don’t go off the last handicap you had 8 years ago; if you’re out of practice you’ll likely not get anywhere close to it (even if it was 36!)

Trash talk your opponents (too much)!

Trash talk has it’s place, especially at a corporate day. But you need to earn the right to trash talk through some decent golf. Don’t be giving it all that on the first tee because next minute you’ll be in the woods after your third shank with your head in your hands. Take it easy, hold your ground if it’s dished out to you (and if you return the favour), do it because you deserve to. It’ll feel better.

Have you had a nightmare corporate golf day? Been paired with a hacker? Feel free to comment with your experiences…

Gian Paolo Ziletti is the CEO of My Circle Golf, a new golf community that makes it easy for London golfers to find new playing partners using an innovative new mobile app.


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